City of Hamtramck Recycling Guide

We can all do our part for our city and our planet.


Recycling drop-off days are on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

All items should be dropped off between 9am to 3pm only.

City parking lot, Caniff at McDougall (just east of post office).




Only these listed items are currently acceptable for recycling.

All items should be CLEAN and dry to prevent contamination.

Glass, Metal, and Plastic containers may be mixed together.


GLASS           bottles and jars, all colors – please rinse and clean

– labels are acceptable


METAL          aluminum and tin cans, lids, tinfoil

– labels are acceptable  – please rinse and clean


PLASTIC       #1, #2, #4, #5, #7 containers

– all plastic bags must be separated


PAPER          magazines, newspapers, paper, junk mail,                                 paperback books, flattened cardboard

– no need to remove stamps, cellophane, plastic                            tabs, spiral binders, paperclips

– pizza boxes only—please no crusts or soiled liners

– shredded paper must be in separate paper bag




ASEPTICS     containers for liquids such as milk and juices

PLASTIC BAGS     all plastic bags


STYROFOAM  containers

– small packing beads must be separated



rinse and clean all bottles, jars and cans